I will be sharing with you all about the story of ALANKOK TASTE,

Taste / Crave / Indulgence

Taste is the best gift that heaven has bestowed on us. Since the day that we had started whining for milk when we were a baby, not only has milk nourished us with the nutrients essential for our growth, it has also displayed the noble love that our mothers have for us. Do you still remember the first time consuming baby food products, porridge, rice, vegetables, fruits, bread, meat, seafood, the first bowl of freshly cooked and steaming longevity birthday vermicelli, the first reunion meal and the first Valentines Day’s dinner which is the first time your mother has baked a cake…. These are how tastes have helped to draft the memories in our lives, provide us a root which brings us back to where we have came from and the strength to keep pushing on and become who we are today.

The phases of life never stop changing; We were once being nurtured to who we are today, and now, it is our turn to nurture our next generation. Even though we all gradually took turns to leave our hometown and settle down in the city, the things that remain the same are the different tastes that we have experienced in our lives and the unwavering love that we have for it. The environment around us is ever-changing, especially the bustling city that we are living in, has quickened the pace of our lives. More often than not, we have to sacrifice some things and one of them could be the precious meal that we can have with our family.

At 2013, Chef Alan Kok has stepped down from his role as a Food and Beverage Consultant of 10 years to pursue his dreams. During his role as an F&B Consultant, he was frequently being consulted on how to cook within a short period of time, yet at the same time ensuring the best taste it could provide and be cautious about the health of the consumers; Adding less oil, less salt, less sugar but not compromising on the taste of the food. Questions such as how to be creative with all the ingredients that we have, in order to make our family members look forward to their home-cooked dinner which were posed by mothers, has displayed the good intentions that they have for their family members – through the use and power of taste to create and leave good memories in the lives of their loved ones.

Thereafter, Chef Alan Kok has established ALANKOK TASTE in 2014 with the goal of sharing the wonders and memories that can be created with taste as well as wholeheartedly realizing the series of food ideas that he has. Last but not least, he is committed to improving everyone’s productivity when cooking; being able to finish cooking within 30 minutes with 3 dishes and a soup that are ready to be served!

You and I, we are both well aware of what is best for our family. Nothing beats being able to eat healthily and live happily. Isn‘t it? Creating memories from taste is hence a way to revolutionize the memories in our lives.

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